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Wallenbergare recipe. Classic swedish dish named after a famous family called Wallenberg.

Serves four:

600 grams of minced veal (beef also works)
1 dl doublecream
4 Egg-yolks
250 gram frozen Peas
4 Tomatoes


1. Whisk the egg-yolks, mix with the cream and the meat. If you have acess to a foodprocessor, you could use one. Mixing with a fork is also totally fine. Season with salt and pepper.

2. Form the minced meat into medium-sized "meatballs". Start boiling water.

3. Heat butter in a pan, fry the "meatballs" for about 3 minutes on each side (they should be quite rare in the middle, but if you'd like, fry them a bit longer)

4. Add the tomatoes into the boiling water until skin starts falling of. Peel them. Pour the hot water over the frozen peas.

5. Serve the wallenbergare (the meatballs) with the peas and the peeled tomatoes. The usual sidedish is mashed potatoes, lingonberry-jam and creamsauce or sometimes melted butter.