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stuvade makaroner recipe, swedish milk stewed macaronies

Stuvade makaroner, milk stewed macaronies recipe. Pretty common everyday food or husmanskost,
often served with meatballs or various forms of sausage such as falukorv (picture).

Serves four:

6 dl (2.5 cups) Macaronies
6 dl (2.5 cups) Milk, preferably a fatter one
1 Egg Yolk
1/4 tsp Nutmeg
1/2 tsp Sugar

Salt & Pepper

Serve with for instance:
Swedish Meatballs
Falukorv sausage

1. Boil the macaronies in salted water according to instructions on the package, drain them a minute or two earlier than usually so they still remain a little uncooked.

2. Poor the milk into a saucepan and add the drained macaronies, let them simmer on medium heat while stirring constantly.

3. Add the nutmeg, sugar, salt and pepper. When the stew thickens, let it cool for a few minutes, then add the egg yolk and stir it into the macaronie mixture. Serve with the meatballs or sausage toghether with ketchup and a glass of milk.