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sviskonkram recipe, aland island prune sauce

Sviskonkram recipe, alandic prune sauce often served with alandspannkaka or alandic pancakes.

10 Dried Prunes
5 dl (2 cups) Water
1 Cinnamon Stick
0.5 dl (2 cups) Sugar
1 tbs Corn Flour
0.5 litres (2 cups) Water

1. Wash the prunes and soak them in a saucepan for about 30 minutes together with about 0.5 liters of water (2 cups).

2. Add the cinnamon and boil the prunes until soft. Also add sugar and remove the pan from the heat.

3. Mix the corn flour with a small amount of water and mix in to the prunes while whisking constantly.

4. Increase the heat and let the mixture boil for another few seconds, then poor into a serving tray, dust over some caster sugar and serve with for instance alandpannkaka.