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smorrebrod with roastbeef recipe, classic sandwich from Denmark

Smorrebrod recipe, classic world-renowned dish from Denmark.
This version of the Danish open sandwich contains roastbeef and horseradish among other ingredients.

Serves four:

4 slices of Bread, preferably rye
4 large thin slices of Roastbeef
4 Lettuce Leaves
1 Tomato
1-2 tbs yellow Curry Powder
4 tbs

roasted Onion Flakes
Sea Salt

1. Butter the bread, divide the tomato into four quarters. Mix the mayonnaise with the curry-powder and a pinch of salt.

2. Add a slice of roastbeef on every slice of bread, continue with a lettuce leave and one of the tomato quarters.

3. Top the dish with a tablespoon of the curry mayonnaise, a teaspoon of roasted onion flakes and another pinch of sea salt.

Serve with a cold Danish beer.