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1. Tunnbrödsrulle
2. Gräddsås
3. Västerbottenpaj
4. Toast Skagen
5. Räksallad

Köttbullar, Swedish meatballs with creamsauce, potatoes and lingonberry-jam.
Gravad Lax med hovmästarsås, cured salmon with sweet and sour mustardsauce.
Pyttipanna, diced potatoes, meat and onions accompanied by fried eggs and pickled beetroots.
Räksmörgås, shrimpsandwich with eggs and mayonaisse.
Wallenbergare, meatball-like Swedish classic made of minced veal, served with mashed potatoes and lingonberries.
Roastbeef with Swedish potato salad
Pannbiff with onions
Graddsas, swedish cream sauce
Makaronipudding, Swedish macaroni casserole
Suomen makaronilaatikko, finnish macaroni casserole
Toast Skagen
Hasselbackare, Swedish roasted potatoes
Flygande Jacob, chicken and curry casserole
Stuvade makaroner, milk stewed macaronies
Kantarellsmorgas, chantarelle sandwich
Rotmos, root vegetable mash
Fried pork with onion-gravy
Smorrebrod with roastbeef
Smorrebrod with seafood
Smorrebrod with liver-pate
Flaskpannkaka, oven-baked Swedish pancake
Plankstek, beef served on a wood-strip
Ugnsfalukorv, oven-baked falukorv-sausage
Tunnbrodsrulle, flatbread with sausage
Spenatsoppa, Swedish spinach-soup
Raksallad, Swedish shrimp-salad
Majonnasgurka, sausage-spread
Vastkustsallad, seafood salad from the Swedish west coast
Karjalanpiirakka, Finnish pastie
Swedish mashed potatoes
Prinskorv, small Swedish sausages
Julskinka, Swedish christmas ham
Janssons frestelse or Janssons temptation
Rodbetssallad, swedish beetroot salad
Vasterbottenpaj, Swedish vasterbotten-cheese pie
Kottbullsmacka, meatball-sandwich
Gronkal, green cabbage
Rodkal, red cabbage
Julkottbullar, Swedish christmas meatballs
Dillstuvad Potatis, dill stewed potatoes
Alandspannkaka, Alandic pancake
Minute-steaks with mustard sauce
Sviskonkram, Alandic prune-sauce
Rekesuppe, Norwegian shrimp-soup
Kalops, Swedish meat stew
Korv stroganoff, sausage stroganoff
Raggmunk, Swedish potato-pancakes

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