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Räksmörgås Recipe
Räksmörgås, raksmorgas or räkmacka recipe. Scandinavian and swedish classic dish containing shrimps in a mayonnaise mixture on bread.
Often enjoyed for lunch accompanied by a cold beer.

Serves four:

4 sandwiches, preferably use some darker bread, perhaps with rye.
4 dl of fresh peeled Shrimps
2 Tomatoes, sliced
2 hard boiled Eggs
, sliced

Cucumber, sliced (a few slices is enough)
Mayonnaise (store bought is totally fine)

1. Butter the sandwiches. Put on lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, eggs, shrimps and top with the mayonnaise. Squeeze over a few drips of lemon and garnish with dill-sprigs.

Serve with a cold beer, and maybe an icecold shot of vodka.