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pannbiff med lok recipe, classic swedish dish

Pannbiff med lok recipe, hamburgerstyle beefs served with fried onions, potatoes and gravy.
Very common swedish "husmanskost" or everydayfood.

Serves four:

750 grams (1.6 pounds) Minced Meat (beef or pork, or both.)
2-3 large Onions
4 slices of Bacon
1 tbs Dijon
1-2 Egg(s)

Butter for frying
Salt & Pepper

Serve with:

boiled, fried och mashed Potatoes
Graddsas (swedish cream sauce)

1. Firstly, finely chop 1/2 onion and make rings of the remaining one and a half. Slice the bacon into thin pieces and fry them until almost crisp. When done, drain on paper.

2. Mix the chopped onion, bacon, dijon and the egg(s) with the minced meat, mix it well together, season with salt and pepper.

3. Form medium sized patties, about half the size of a normal hamburger, fry in butter until almost done, the add the onion rings and fry until golden.

Serve with graddsas, potatoes and perhaps a glass of beer.