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Dyrelægens natmad, smorrebrod with liver pâté and bacon, classic sandwich from Denmark

Dyrelægens natmad or veterinarians night snack. Smorrebrod recipe, classic world-renowned dish from Denmark.
This version contains liver pâté and bacon among other ingredients.

Serves four:

4 slices of Bread, preferably rye
8 slices of Bacon

4 Mushrooms
4 Lettuce Leaves
200 grams (0.45 pounds) Liver pâté
4 Gherkins or Cornichons, double the amount if to small
1 sliced Tomato

Fresh Parsley
Sea Salt

1. Slice the pâté, then fry the bacon and mushrooms until golden. Butter the bread and cover with the sliced pâté.

2. Put bacon on top of the sandwich aswell as the fried mushrooms, also add lettuce, gherkins and tomato, sprinkle over fresh parsley and sea salt.

Enjoy this recipe with preferably a Danish beer and perhaps "en lille", or "a small one", a shot of Danish schnapps, often from the label Gammel Dansk.