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Information about Danish cuisine part two

The Danes have their own version of the smorgasbord, the Danish 'kolde bord', or cold table. The kolde bord is a buffet style table often served at lunch. The kolde bord usually consist of for instance pickled herring, different sauces, 'frikadeller', which is Danish meatballs, 'hakkebof' or chopped beef, Danish sausages, pork, veal, salmon, red-cabbage, potato salad, chicken salad, various cheeses and different sweets.

Speaking of sweets, the Danish pastry, also one famous Dane, which is similar to a croissant and made with layers of dough which is buttered and then folded together making the renowned creation. Danish pastries are popular throughout the world and are made in many different ways and with even more different fillings and toppings. For instance there are almonds, pecans, dried fruit, raisins, marzipan or toffee. In Denmark chocolate, icing and custard or jam filling is common.

Like the rest of Scandinavia, Denmark adapts to the outside world. With immigrants moving in to the country from all over the world, many new flavours and foods is available to the Danes. Big chains like KFC, Burger King and McDonalds are all located in Denmark as well as endless possibilities to have pizza, pasta, kebab, Asian food and so on.

Although the Danes accept the new outside influences, many are still conservative when it comes to food. Traditional cooking is very popular; the hearty Old Danish cuisine is especially popular in the younger generations.

The Danes have a thing called 'hygge', which easiest is translated to a warm, cosy feeling of well-being. Hygge is generally about good food, good wine and nice company which pretty much sums up the Danes, a nice food loving people.